Funbuilding Special

Ah, the joys of being misunderstood, tortured artists! Wait, there are joys in that? I’m probably bulding my tortured artist prestige class wrongly because I’ve already taken a couple of level ups and seen no “joy” in the feats list.

Anyhow, we’ve released the demo version of our game, X Caeli, and it wasn’t warmly received. It was hardly received at all, and people either didn’t bother to play the demo or, even if they’re tried (mostly out of respect to my video work), couldn’t progress that far. I dunno what that says about our game designing skills or maybe I do but just don’t want to think about it.

So, because no one wants to see the goodies that are hidden in our game (and hell, I’ve tried to implement a lot of creative stuff in there), I’ve showcased them myself in the funbuilding special. If you want to see why is it supposed to be good, check out this special: