Nerd Commando Game Studios… Wait, maybe it is simply Nerd Commando Studios? Or Nerd Commando Entertainment? Nerd Commando Software? I mean, it’s easy to understand how game developers choose a name for themselves, but what about figuring out this additional title? How to find out whether you are studios, software or entertainment, are there any guidelines to this that we should’ve googled?

I guess they go for whatever sounds cooler, but we, as the Nerd Commando, no, wait, as THE Nerd Commando, are already awesome enough and can afford ourselves to abstain from using such honorifics. So, as I was saying, Nerd Commando is a game design studio (well, there’s little “studio” currently but at least there’s lots of “game design”) that was founded in 2011 by two random dudes coming from a 2.5 world country.

That’s us, I mean – Artem Koval and Oles Ivanchenko. And while at the moment those names tell humanity precisely nothing, this sorrowful predicament will not hold for much longer! Or maybe it will, but we’re optimists here, all right?

We’re just another addition in seemingly endlessly increasing ranks of indie game developers (honestly, if things will go on like that soon there’ll be more game developers than gamers themselves). Well, we don’t count ourselves as “just anothers” since we have this vision of ours (and lots of arrogance), this image of indie scene being really underdeveloped (from the point of design, not finances) and ways of pushing it up to the next level.

Those may be bold words, but we do have a couple of what we deem as a revolutionary ideas in our stash, or maybe not revolutionary, but merely excellent, and it’s all about implementing them in reality. Which is kinda hard with our budget (wait, you mean we actually have one? How comes no one informed me?), but we like hardcore difficulty so it’s fine, I guess. To put it simply (and humbly), we are a bunch of minds, trying to make some good and innovative games.