Seraphim Rassvetov



Cyberkast is a dueling game, depicting clashes between cybernetically enhanced transhumans who are upgraded to the point where their energy manipulation abilities begin to look almost like sorcery. That’s why they’re called teknosorx and feared greatly. So their constant battles would not irreparably scar the surfaces of inhabited worlds and stations, teknosorx fight in the empty depths of open space – they’re that awesome. But even there sorx are constricted to the impenetrable energy barriers of tek arenas – no one wants them to snuff a nearby star or two.

Genre-wise, Cyberkast is somewhat a thing of its own – you have some elements of billiards, arcanoid and pong running around, you also may get a tower-defense or even strategic feel, and whole experience is definitely both action-packed and logical. We’ll try to provide a great one on one dueling experience, yet our main focus is gonna be casual fun madness for four to six players free-for-all.

Our initial goals for the game is to have around fifty spells (divided in categories – various energy charges to get to your enemy, force shields to prevent enemy charges from getting to you and miscellaneous pseudoarcane trickery to turn the tides of battle in your favor) and at least half a dozen of game mods, as drastically different as possible, with varying rules and victory conditions.

Now, our first public screenshot – remember, this is a colossal work in progress.  Here’s how it looks now:




And here’s the sketch of our wonderful artist, just for comparison:



So much to do, so little time…



Our first game, VVVillainous, what’s it about? First, look at this concept screenshot (meaning that our artist drew it – model of knight is actual, though):


Meh, another platformer, you’ll say. On the contrary – it’s what I like to call “reverse platformer” and in reality it’s not a platformer at all. You won’t be running and jumping over those platforms – you will be filling them with devious and deadly traps and this time it’s the computer who’s gonna suffer through the NES difficulty hell.  It’s payback time, baby.

Meh, another tower defense, you’ll say. Not really – we’re sticking close to the roots of platformer genre so don’t expect hordes of dumb enemies. Semi-hordes of dumb minions will be available, though – no point in being vile architect if you don’t get to throw away a life of minion or two or two hundred thousand, but I digress. There will be one fast and cunning hero as your nemesis and you’d better respect their abilities – don’t hope to just spam guns and win through attrition, we’ll design our levels hard to prevent that. No, you’ll have to be ingenious, you’ll have to plan, you’ll have to trick the seemingly omnipotent AI to gallop straight into their doom. That’s gonna be the essence of VVVillainous, a strategy/logic hybrid.

Obviously, we’ll provide a sufficient arsenal of traps – you’ll have all the classical types in a highly customizable form, meaning that even the simple spikes can be used in a number of quite different ways.  Destructible terrain can also work wonders for you – one precisely set demolition charge can do miracles…

And, so you won’t get bored with just one hero, there will be trio of them – knight, ninja and engineer, each one with wildly different abilities and tactics. Don’t expect the hookjumping, shuriken-throwing, wall-climbing ninja to go down in the same manner as sturdy, shield-blocking, sword-swinging knight.

But that’s not all – nefarious construction is only one half of our game, and the other one is humorous visual novel (in a fully western style – don’t be too scared by the name of the genre).  With a trio of love interests to boot – hey, you can’t make a GOTY without having romances, they say! If you want to sample our humor, check out our advertisement webcomic, updated bimonthly (btw, it looks really good on smartphones).