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Funbuilding #29: AntharioN

Past months have not been incredibly active for us, but now it’ll start to get hot – the incoming autumn promises a squall of releases and even now it’s not exactly calm. Well, first come, first served as they say, so first we’ll analyze a recently released indie kickstarter oldschool rpg AntharioN.

Funbuilding #26 & Funbuilding Gaiden #7

It’s the first day of summer but then, who needs summer when so many good RPGs are coming out these days? First, we’ll have a in-depth discussion of one of the loudest titles to hail recently – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It’s really hyped and it absolutely deserves that. Vids available in both russian and english.

On a lesser but nevertheless enjoyable note we’ve delved into the cyberpunk world of Dex. The game is not that famous but rather atmospheric and may prove as a pleasant diversion, especially after all the patches it got.

Funbuilding #25

We’ve somewhat forgot to update our journal properly, but over the course of last month a colossal work has been done onto deciphering all the character classes and possibilities in the recent kickstarter hit, PIllars of Eternity. The end result is a huge playlist full of both english and russian videos.

Funbuilding Gaiden #6: Hand of Fate

We’re back again and this time we’re delving into something esoteric – a crossbreed between ARPG, boardgame and CYOA. Weird stuff. Still, to prevail in the Hand of Fate, you really need to build your deck properly and that’s (in addition to a couple of dirty exploits) what we’re gonna talk about in our vids.

Funbuilding Special

Ah, the joys of being misunderstood, tortured artists! Wait, there are joys in that? I’m probably bulding my tortured artist prestige class wrongly because I’ve already taken a couple of level ups and seen no “joy” in the feats list.

Anyhow, we’ve released the demo version of our game, X Caeli, and it wasn’t warmly received. It was hardly received at all, and people either didn’t bother to play the demo or, even if they’re tried (mostly out of respect to my video work), couldn’t progress that far. I dunno what that says about our game designing skills or maybe I do but just don’t want to think about it.

So, because no one wants to see the goodies that are hidden in our game (and hell, I’ve tried to implement a lot of creative stuff in there), I’ve showcased them myself in the funbuilding special. If you want to see why is it supposed to be good, check out this special:

Funbuilding Gaiden #5

A second gaiden in a row but then, the subject is certainly worth that! Disciples II may have their issues but, all in all, they’re one of the best (and, well, the few) turn-based strategies out there, not to mention that they’re one of the prettiest too (in combat and in art design, that is). Learn everything you’ll need to know about them in our dedicated video series:

Funbuilding Gaiden #4

This week, I’m reviewing something not very conventional but then, that’s the reason Funbuilding Gaiden exists. Ziggurat is a roguelike-FPS and while it may be a bit too random for its own good, it’s still able to deliver some fun. Wanted to make this review a little bit shorter, but we’re talking about 100 perks, 33 weapons, 17 amulets and 12 characters to review – tough to condense that, unfortunately.

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