Funbuilding #23

This issue of funbuilding is dedicated to one of the most persistent persons on the indie-RPG scene – Jeff Vogel and his recent remake of remake of remake of remake (kidding here – just remake of remake) Avernum 2.

Funbuilding #21 & 22

Whoops, we got so carried with our life issues & development process that we’ve totally forgot to post the news about our previous funbuilding. So double the buildings this time. Both are well respected old time favorite, first one is pretty much a cult classic and I’m not exactly sure why the second one is not considered as such. Probably came out a bit too late to achieve this status. Nevertheless, if you want to build a character in either Arcanum or Divine Divinity – have no worries, these videos will tell you everything that you must know to succeed at that:

Funbuilding #19

It’s a great time to be an RPG fan as each month a new funbuilding target comes out and they’re all rather good. The only way it is getting better is when we’ll finally release our own RPG, lol. Anyways, today it’s another addition to the party and rather welcome one – Shadowrun: Dragonfall. A Director’s Cut of it.

Funbuilding #18

After a dry month we return back in style! The recently released Legend of Grimrock 2 is cool, tough and puzzling and, as usual, with us you can enter it without stumbling upon the underwater rocks of the rpg system intricacies:

Funbuilding #11.5

I’m ashamed to admit that, due to various issues, our weekly schedule have gone somewhat awry, but what we lack in consistency we compensate with quality! This week is an incredibly timely addition to one of our old funbuildings – a fully updated version of the Wasteland 2 party creation tutorial.

Funbuilding #17

Because of some technical issues, we were forced to skip a week (sorry for that), but we’re up once again and this time it’s a close look at the relatively unknown yet very solid dnd 3.5 adaptation – Knights of The Chalice.

Funbuilding #16

This week, we have a thorough examination of one of this year’s best RPGs (not that that says much with the number of RPGs usually getting released per year, but let’s not be pessimistic) – Divinity: Original Sin. The game is great, but its systems are misleading and often treacherous, but that’s where funbuilding comes to your help (*small trumpets ringing*)!