Funbuilding #13 and Funbuilding Gaiden #3

It’s double the fun this week! Or, more precisely, I just forgot to update our site last week, so…

Anyhow, we have a rather detailed introduction to generating your party in the dnd classic The Temple Of Elemental Evil:

And even more detailed review of many archetypes of Magic: The Gathering’s m15 edition:

Funbuilding #9

Our tutorial series got on a small hiatus because I’ve had small problems with my voice (as if it could get worse, lol), but now we’re back in full strength and we’ll even compensate for the week missed (in a couple of days, I think). At this time, however, it’s the logical conclusion to our early fallout series dissection, Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel.

Funbuilding #6

This week’s update is somewhat late, but as an excuse we have a plethora of videos to offer!

First one is the conclusion of our M&M analysis, the the thorough dissection of eighth part of the series:

The next three (3!) are the singleton addendums to each of the M&M funbuildings, explaining how to play those games with only 1 character in your party- Yes, it’s actually possible, not that hard and quite fun to do.