Cyberkast weekly update #2

So what have we done over the course of past week?

First, we’ve realized that it takes brass balls to make indie games.  Therefore, we’ve implemented them into our game!

Brass Balls

Well, they don’t look very brass but that’s cause they’re actually plasma (and current texture is a total placeholder) – plasma is cooler then brass, right? I mean, hotter…

Basically, they’re another spell we’ve made – unlike your average combat spells, which you cast towards your target, you drop plasma ball somewhere in the arena and it sits there movelessly. Only when some moving spell hits it, only then it gains some speed from inertia and begins to threaten someone.

Second is the other new spell you can see here – those cute purple clouds, the fast time zones. Basically, they’re weird anomalies and anything that moves through them does so with double speed.

Third thing is – we’ve got ourselves a nice looking loading screen. Here it is:

Splash Screen

Cyberkast weekly update #1

We’ve decided to post  updates on our weekly progress here so that, once we become well-respected and trendy,  our, without a doubt, many fans will flock here to read the archives and learn about all the toils of our daunting uprising.  Something like that. So, without further ado, screenshot from this week:



As you can see, this week we’ve implemented:

1. More elements of GUI and proper arena walls – now it looks much closer to our beautiful artist’s concept. Or wait, is it our artist’s beautiful concept? Dat language.  Anyhow, both our artist and her concepts are beautiful so it doesn’t really matter.

2. Two new spells – but wait, we haven’t even talked about the previous four ones.. Uh-oh. It’s better to show than tell here, so we’d rather talk about all of it in details once we’ll have a demo video ready. Still, if you want some info right here, right now –  we’ve implemented barrier pylon which creates, erm, unbreakable barriers (it’s the constellation-looking thingie – note that all looks are not final, everything is WiP) and graviton wave that can change the direction of other mobile spells (that’s that pulse in the middle).

3. Lots of bugs, lol. Can’t do code without them. Initially.

VVVillainous is frozen

One advantage of having an extremely small amount of people being interested in your game is that when you freeze the whole project, no one gets disappointed. Pretty much no one, if we’re really lucky.  So yeah.

Main reason for cancellation is… Well, we don’t want to point fingers, but, basically, the person who promised us to do 3d modeling and animations turned out to be all promise. Meaning we are left absolutely empty-handed in this department. We’re not blaming anyone, mind you – working hard on a pure enthusiasm does make one’s desire to bail out if not forgivable, then understandable.  But you’re not finishing games by running (unless you play some kind of bandicoot-styled platformer, duh).

I guess we could’ve scavenged for some cheap traps and models from various web markets, but that’s just not the way we want to head with our games – we’re a nerd commando, not a half-ass commando.

And lack of dedicated 3d-modeler was an especially hard hit for us because we wanted to move away from our initial vision and do something more ambitious – a black & white 3d graphics, maybe cell-shaded, all in the noir-ish style of our webcomic. We haven’t received lots of approval for it, but at least there were some compliments regarding it’s visual part so that’s as good as it gets, probably.

We aren’t abandoning the whole idea – we’re just freezing it for a year or two, until we’ll have the budget to materialize our ideas properly. We’ll also be pausing our webcomic, but not immediately – 3 more issues to go. And we’re not walking away from the gamedev – in case you somehow missed it, above should hang the announcement of our new project, the Cyberkast.

And so it begins

Well, we’ve come to our first blog update. No, more than that – we’ve come to official (would’ve been official if lots of people cared or, at the very least, knew) launch of our site and the start of, well, our promotion campaign. Good news, good news.

Sure, as of yet, we don’t have much to show – just a first issue of webcomic (check it out – it’s not totally awesome yet, but it’ll get much better from the next issue as I’m getting the grasp of actually writing webcomics; also, you may find our layout strange, but try reading it from a smartphone and you’ll see our point), a concept screenshot and a bunch of ideas, but hey, at least it’s better than it was one year ago.  Oh, where were we one year ago? I don’t remember already which means we weren’t anywhere good.

We also don’t have tons of developers’ stories to tell so I’ll keep this post short (or maybe I’m just lazy – you never know). Making VVVillainous is kinda routine at this point – we’re not touching core gameplay elements yet, so it’s just our programmers laying foundation and me struggling with english language and oscillators.  Oh, and our beautiful artists labouring on their input, that’s for sure. Things are quiet at the moment, but give us time and we’ll rock them hard.

P.S. Now that I think about it, that’s a terribly lame sounding ending phrase, but hey, I’m lazy so what do you expect of me, Shakespeare? I ain’t shaking no spears, buddy, I’m more of a hatchet man kind of guy.